Dermatologists agree that a dual action therapy, consisting of Proteoglycan Replacement Therapy and Retinoid Therapy, can improve skin thickness and elasticity.

Most conventional treatments focus solely on a single aspect of skin health. Most prevalent among these are skin creams, many of which lose their healing power faster than they can penetrate the skin.

Preventing wrinkles and improving skin appearance requires a dual approach for optimum results. As skin ages, both internal and external factors affect the overall health and appearance of the skin, therefore combating these requires a synergistic approach which deals with both, through the use of a unique retinoid and proteoglycan-based treatment.

In order for retinoids and retinoid esters in skin creams to be effective, they need to penetrate deep enough into the skin to work, however, in most forms these compounds are chemically and thermally unstable – and notoriously sensitive to photo-isomerization and photo-destruction.

Side effects are another challenge. Retinoid reaction is characterised by erythema (reddening of the skin), peeling, pruritus (itching) and burning sensations at the sites of application.

In conventional anti-ageing products, the active ingredient concentration is proportional to the occurrence of side effects. This means that to get a product strong enough to work on wrinkles and fine lines, one must risk damaging the skin in other ways.

Nourella®, however, is a unique new generation of retinoid, formulated to tackle the external signs of accelerated skin ageing without the side effects commonly associated with retinoids. As part of the Nourella® dual action approach to skin ageing, this unique proprietary retinoid is combined with a Proteoglycan Replacement Therapy tablet, to target the internal effects of accelerated skin ageing.


Nourella® cream works from the outside in. RetileX-A® in Nourella® uses a novel technology which coats each retinoid molecule in a carrier envelope that allows the molecule to penetrate deeply to the layers of the skin.

This ‘envelope’ protects each molecule from light and oxidation while protecting the outer layer of the skin from side effects.

Once it penetrates the outer layer of skin, RetileX-A® becomes hydrolysed and metabolised to provide the powerful anti-ageing effect like that of retinoic acid, but without the associated side effects such as burning, itching and rashing.

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Nourella® tablets work from the inside out. Nourella® with Vercilex® restores bioactive proteoglycans that diminish in the skin during ageing.

Proteoglycans belong to a family of specific proteins that are important constituents of human skin. They are also essential for supporting hydration and collagen formation, providing resilience, viscoelasticity and skin firmness.

Nourella® tablets restore the concentration and function of proteoglycans in the body to rejuvenate and treat skin ageing conditions such as thinning, skin spots, sagging, wrinkles and fine lines.

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